Can the website template colour be customized according to my needs?

Yes, it is possible. We will fit the template with your logo and adjust the color, as required.

Do you charge any fee for the template modifications?

It depends on the extent of the template modification. We will solve small issues during the preparation of the website. Major modifications would be subject to pricing, according to the currently valid price list.

Is the reservation system part of the website?

The reservation system is already embedded in the website. However, the use of the system is charged, according to the currently valid price list.

How many language versions does the site contain.

The website is ready to use in 8 language versions: CZ, EN, DE, PL, ES, IT, FR, PL and RU. Another language can be added as a further development of the system.

I'm not sure how I'll take care of the content on the website, can you help me?

You will have a user manual for content management of the websitee, including recommendations on how to optimize content for SEO. But of course we will be happy to help you fill in the content and we are available Monday - Friday (8: 00-17: 00) by phone / email.